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Constructed of appropriated material ranging from Super 8 film from the 1970s to Kodachrome 35mm slides of the 1950s to news reports of the 2000s, Nomad, is a story of life. 

Is the nomadic tale of life true or a tall story? What really happened? What's real and what's not?

Ruptures throughout the film reinforce these questions. Is reality breaking?

The ruptures, fragmentations and fractures that manifest themselves throughout signify that things may not be what they seem. Overexposed and un-syncronised video with the narration in parts buttress this.

Inspired by the film La Jetee, the events of Nomad could perhaps be considered to have taken place during an alternate history or parallel universe. 

Nomad is ultimately a story of life and living. Whether life should be embraced or not is up to you.


A film by Daniel Llobera

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